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Thursday, September 9, 2021

Geddington to Brigstock and back via Clay Dick track

Thursday 02 September 2021 r
Walk from Geddington to Brigstock, 7.4 miles approx. With Marta. Through Geddington Chase, via Community Garden.

On Clay Dick track we met several dog walkers on the way - it’s a very clear route, if a little uneven in places.  

In Brigstock we took the footpath through farm fields and cricket ground, past a vineyard. We talked to a girl about the lambs, living on a farm, the vines etc. She even takes one of the lambs for a walk on Dusthill Road… She recommended “Bake & Brew” cafe in Brigstock. We bought coffee and shared a fruit and almond tart. 

Photos of the flowers for Esther.

Message from Esther that Eve Berridge had spotted me this morning walking through Geddington. 
Then a woman came through to offer us a lift back - her husband had seen us walking earlier. Time to change any plans I had for a career as a spy!! 

A splendid gentle walk and we returned to Geddington.

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