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Monday, August 2, 2021

Southwick circular (again from water tower lay-by)

 Tuesday 20th July, with Marta. Another very hot day, so we tackled the walk in the same direction, counting on getting the least shady section done first.  Just under 8 miles.

The route was as yesterday until almost mile 4. This time we followed public footpaths more carefully, which makes the walk a little longer, but much easier.

We walked past Provost Lodge Farm, and followed the path past Westwood Lodge and the remains of Tottenham Lodge, then downhill to the road. Across and past Crossway Hands Farm

and Boars Head Farm, as yesterday.

Lurking by the pond…a plastic alligator…

There was still little shade on this route as we passed the building I guess is used for shooting parties, securely locked nowadays.

Then we took the footpath to our right into the welcome shade of the woods

and back to Southwick

After this we had a wild goose chase for drinks and sandwiches afterwards. A garden centre restaurant - closed, and the Chequered Skipper at Ashton - also closed. We ended up going home.

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