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Thursday, August 12, 2021

Corby Kingswood to Wilbarston, return via East Carlton and Middleton.

 Thursday 12th August 2021 with Harry and Maureen - a whisker over ten miles and 230 feet of climbing on a fine sunny morning.

We crossed the A6003 close to the path near Brunswick gardens on Viking Way, and followed the path - over a stile and through fields, alongside Swinawe Wood. On occasions the path is a little indistinct and overgrown at this time of year. It emerges on the road between Pipewell and Wilbarston, where we turned right and followed the road going left at the junction to Wilbarston. The view begins to open out as the road descends to the A427.

It’s not bad crossing here, as there is a small island in the centre of the road. 

In Wilbarston we called at the Milking Parlour Café for coffee and scones, and a wee rest. Then we walked up to the village hall and took the path along the ridge towards East Carlton.  Along the way we saw lots of butterflies, including one painted lady, and noticed the haws are ripening too.

the haws are turning red

Flax/ linseed

Probably the best bit of the walk with good views over the Welland valley to the north west. 

We walked along the fenced footpath below East Carlton Park, turning right in Middleton, then left up School Hill, and soon right just before a gate. Through a field and across the old road to Harborough.  

The next section has grown luscious and vicious nettles and brambles since I was last here in June, and was quite tough walking. 

Over the A427 again, and along the bridleway. Just after it bends to the right there is a left turn. After this it was a little tricky to negotiate the next bit as the path on the ground doesn’t quite correspond to the path on the map.

The path comes out opposite Danesholme Road - another crossing of the A6003…through Kingswood Nature Reserve

and then back to the start.

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