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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Brampton Valley Way, Arthingworth, Waterloo Farm.

A warm day, with little wind. Ideal for walking the same route as on Monday 11th March, but with Marta this time. once again, about 8 miles...though I managed to stop my mile counter in Great Oxenden Tunnel, while trying to access the torch on my phone. Had forgotten to pack the head torch this time! Ho hum.

A short early coffee pause in Arthingworth, which has a few public benches, then up to the trig point.
Tee-shirt weather even

Well, almost...

A harmless piece of rural graffiti

Then on past Waterloo Lodge Farm, where they are doing some work on improving the footpath. We had a short chat with (I guess) the owner and his dog.  Waterloo Farm for another hot drink and a sandwich, eaten outside today!  Yes, I admit we put our outer layers on.

The last stretch was the two and a half miles south along the old railway track, the Brampton Valley Way, through Great Oxenden Tunnel.  (418 metres long).
The light at the end is just visible

Looking up the air shaft

Marta in the spotlight

and we're out.


Ida Jones said...

The tunnel looks a bit spooky!

aliqot said...

It's a bit rough and sometimes wet underfoot. But now I know how to find the torch on my phone it will be easier next time!