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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Harringworth - Barrowden - Morcott - Seaton round

Thursday 28th March, with Maureen and Eddie. The same walk as last Thursday, but in reverse. About 8.5 miles. Fine and warm once more.

From Harringworth village centre we walked a short distance along the road to Wakerley, then turned left to the path through the field near the stables. We followed it to the Welland, and walked with the river on our left as far as Turtle Bridge.
Here we crossed the river and continued our walk along the field edges before heading diagonally to the left, and slightly uphill into Barrowden, through a field of sheep and lambs.
We followed Back Lane and eventually reached King Street and the Commnity Shop and cafe. Almost 3 miles, so it was an early break for coffee.
Out of Barrowden via the village green and duckpond.
Vantage point for a photograph

There was an uphill stretch along the road towards the windmill, just before the A47, which is easier to cross from this side of the road!

Through a short woodland section with plenty of violets underfoot, then across a recently ploughed but smooth and dry field.
Down a flight of steps, and across the A6121 and through part of Morcott village, until we met the waymarker indicating our footpath, along Mount Pleasant Road. This soon leads into a field. It goes slightly uphill and before too long back to the A47, close to the petrol station complex. We crossed and took the path directly in front us. Another ploughed field, but again dry and smooth, and going downhill, with good views around. 
At the bottom of this slope we turned right and followed the yellow posts as far as the railway bridge. Under this and we turned left then right for a short steep climb up to the road to Seaton.
In Seaton we paused for a rapid drink, sitting in the sun outside the George and Dragon.
Seaton Church
Our route took us down church Lane and past a few houses, then downhill with views of the viaduct, across a disused railway line and across the minor road. Through a small gate and along the drive of the very impressive farmhouse. The path goes round the house, and over a wooden footbridge, before heading across fields towards the Welland, and over the river, then left under the viaduct and back into Harringworth, via the churchyard.

Harringworth church.

Lots of daffodilas and spring flowers in the villages. Celandines, violets, primroses and blackthorn in abundance.
Tortoiseshell and brimstone butterflies.
Lunch at Lydia's cafe, Gretton.

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