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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Rockingham, Caldecott, Gretton, Rockingham

Thursday 21 Jun. With Maureen.
Hot again and quite overgrown and rough underfoot in places.
We set off from Rockingham and followed the Jurassic Way close to Great Easton. Then by road to Caldecott, turning right at the road junction, then taking a footpath to the right which takes us close to the Welland to Gretton weir.
At the road to Rockingham we turned right and followed this as far as the Bridleway sign, rejoining the Jurassic Way and following it to Rockingham, where we had lunch.
Time for a wee rest In Caldecott

A few cows, but they showed little interest in us.

The Welland


Over the footbridge

Between Gretton and Rockingham

This section is usually very muddy - not today!

Approaching Rockingham

Outside the cafe


Ida Jones said...

Bright and sunny for your mud-free meanderings!

aliqot said...

The heat saps our energy a bit. Sometimes need to build in an extra rest or two!!

We spent all winter avoiding rain and mud, and now we seek shade!