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Friday, August 3, 2018

Fineshade to Blatherwycke via Kings Cliffe

Wednesday 04 July 2018

With Marta. Very warm again. 6.6 miles. 
We set off from Top Lodge and walked out in front of the cafe courtyard then turned left along the forest track. We followed this for around 2 miles,  past the woodyard and down the hill into Kings Cliffe. We crossed the main road and walked down to the path into the allotments - a right turn at the bottom of the slope.

 After the allotments, the path crosses two fields, and then follows the field boundaries - trees alongside the Willow Brook. The path is easy to follow as it reaches Alders Farm.  You continue just above the farm with some farm buildings on the left, and once again the path is very clear, crossing a corn field, then soon turning left to continue on the other side of the hedge. It passes some recently planted trees, and a barrier, keeping the lake private, though you can catch a glimpse.

 Follow the clearly marked path. There are clear sings to make sure you don't stray.
 There is a gate to path to the church. The churchyard makes a pleasant place to pause, though the building is open only at weekends, unless you go in search of the key.
 From wikipedia:

Holy Trinity Church is a redundant Anglican church in the village of BlatherwyckeNorthamptonshire, England. It is recorded in the National Heritage List for England as a designated Grade II* listed building,[1] and is under the care of the Churches Conservation Trust.[2] It stands in the grounds of the demolished Blatherwycke Hall.[3]

Some info about the demolished Hall and its gardens.

Retrace your steps to the gate and turn left along the path to the main road. Turn right and cross the bridge over the end of the lake, where we saw black swans and one artificial and one real heron. Fish too.
Follow the road for a good half mile, up the hill and on until you reach the second road off to the left. At this point there is a stile and a gate on the corner and the path heads uphill across the first field. Then it follws the hedge, keeping it on your left. There are good views of Blatherwycke Lake and the countryside from here, and a memorial stone to a local woman.
 The path turns slightly left at the break in the hedge and heads across a couple of fields to the edge of Lynn Wood. It descends close to the trees, reaches a bridge and junction of paths. We take the path straight ahed leading fairly gently uphill with Fineshade Abbey ahead on our left.
 There's a stile, and the path runs between two fences for a short distance, before emerging at another stile and crossing rough pasture land heading towards more woodland. You enter this with another stile - there are 17 on this walk, according to my arithromaniac friend.
 When the path leaves the wood, there is an open field to cross, downhill then up to meet the road into Top Lodge.
Time for lunch when we reach the cafe.


Ida Jones said...

As ever, lovely photos. You must know the area very well by should offer (paid) conducted walking tours!

aliqot said...

Some of the routes have become very familiar. But I don't think there's a demand for paid tours, somehow! Pleased you enjoyed the pics.