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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Mon 06 Aug: Aldwincle to Islip circular

Monday 06 August. With Maureen, Marion, Norma and Eddie.
The same walk as last Thursday but with a different starting point, with no diversions. Hot again. Just under 5 miles today!  I set a new fashion standard by using a light brolly as a parasol - it worked better than a sun hat!

John Dryden's grandfather was rector of All Saints church here, and the poet was born in the rectory in August 1631.

From Aldwincle we took the footpath marked to Islip, from near Pear Tree Farm. 

  This leads through a field, goes to the left of a house, then crosses another field to a gate in the corner on to the minor road. At the bend in the road a farm track leads to holiday cottages and a view of the fishing  lake.
 After the cottages the footpath continues southwest and we reached a parking area for anglers. Our route lies along the road through a wooded section, then it comes on to Ridge Road, which becomes Mill Road and takes us to Islip, where we follow Mill Lane down past the mill and over the footbridge.

 We paused for a few minutes in a shady spot near the Nene, watching the canoes and a narrowboat coming through the lock.

 We took the same route as last time following the Nene Way through Titchmarsh Nature reserve. 

The cattle on the opposite side of the Nene were obvjously seeking relief from the heat!
We stopped for a scone break at a shady picnic table close to Aldwincle, before continuing to the village, then on to Wadenhoe Old Barn for lunch.


Ida Jones said...

Lovely scenic photos!

aliqot said...

Thank you, Ida.