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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Gretton to Harringworth circuit.

 7th June 2021.

Eddie and I decided to walk from Gretton at 9.15. Sunny warm, and even hot, with a gentle breeze.  Across past Harringworth Lodge and the road to Deene. Along footpath, not Shotley way, but towards Spanhoe airfield. We turned left and emerged on road towards Wakerley at Harry’s old “observatory”.  We walked along the bridleway opposite down to Turtle Bridge, then left along the Welland to Harringworth. Brief pause for coffee (for me, an essential!), before walking past the stables and through the churchyard, under the viaduct and back on to the road to Gretton. We tried to use the farm track but there was sheep business going on, so we turned back and continued to Gretton along the road. Almost 10 miles in all.

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