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Thursday, September 12, 2019

From Testwood Lakes and along the Test Way northwards

Sunday 01 September. With Harry. Just over 8 miles, very flat, but interesting. We parked at Testwood Lakes car park - it closes at 5pm on a Sunday, so beware!

We followed the path between the two lakes until it joined a footpath leading east over two rivers and to Nursling Mill. Turn right there and follow Mill Lane to the signpost for the Test Way on the left, heading north. 
All the way along the earlier section of the Test Way there were masses of ripe blackberries.
For a short distance we were walking very close to the M27, and some of the path is parallel to it, with a fence on one side and a ditch on the other, again fenced off. When we emerged we walked along a quiet road (Station Road) under the motorway, and then turned left into a small part of Nursling, containing the church of St Boniface, the church hall of Nutshalling ( an old name for the place), and the Nursling Men's Shed. 

Church Room
Nutshalling Church Room,
erected 1897
being the sixtieth year of
the reign of
Queen Victoria

Church of St Boniface

The tower and spire clad in wood.
Opposite the church is a large building. We pass it and turn right along a lane leading to some kennels. soon we hear the evidence! 
 After the kennels the track continues through trees , for almost a mile, then on to a track near Longbridge farm. 
Soon after this the route turns right along a small road and crosses the river Test.

We follow the road to Moorcourt, where there are assorted old buildings. 
 Soon after this we come to a road. we turn left to have a brief look at the Blackwater river as it goes under Wade Bridge, then we turn right, and continue along the Test Way for a short distance until we find a suitable picnic spot in the shade. Just as we finish eating a family cycles by. We see them later at Testwood Lakes on the way back.
 After our basic picnic we retrace our steps .
 At Nursling we wander into the churchyard and meet a man digging over a section where there has recently been a container. He tells us to come back on a Friday, when the church is open. He mentions the Men's Shed, and assures me they'd offer me a cup of tea. Then as we are about to go he produces a bone. "Look what I've found . Do you think it's human?"
It looks like a smallish humerus. Wonder if he keeps it in his pocket to bring out whenever he talks to strangers!

A great walk , and a lovely way to get to know a beautiful clear river!


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Remember don't eat the blackberries below dog wee height

Ida Jones said...

You seem to have found a great number of blackberry sites with lots of fruit - both high and low!