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Saturday, May 25, 2019

Portpatrick to Killantringan Lighthouse - a shipwreck and some orchids?

Our last day in Portpatrick was as beautiful as the rest. We decided to walk along the cliff path north of the village, following the Southern Upland Way to the lighthouse, and back again.  Just over 5 miles with about 500 feet of ascent and descent.
The long distance path starts from the northern end of the harbour, and goes up steps to the Portpatrick Hotel, then an old BT building and the golf course.
Looking down on the end of the old railway line.

Be careful about that 'evasive action'!

Port Kale and Port Mora where Dunskey Glen meets the sea

The Coastal Interpretation Centre - though no one was interpreting today.
There are a couple of sections with steps and handrails

Tormentil and spring squill

To the Lighthouse - privately owned, so no coffee here!

"The lighthouse was built in 1900, although the dangerous crosscurrents have still caused some shipwrecks including that of the Craigantlet, a container ship which ran aground in 1982 - the remains can still be seen in the bay below."
Looking away from the sea, this could almost have been Derbyshire.
An orchid...?

...and another one?
Down the steps

A cove

and a cave
Looking down into Portpatrick

The route

And it wasn't flat.


Unknown said...

Well done and nice photos!

aliqot said...

Thank you - it’s a fabulous area.