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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Bike ride from Portpatrick to the Mull of Galloway

Glorious weather on Tuesday 14 May, and we decided the bikes should not be confined to a garage. We knew it would be a stiff climb out of Portpatrick, but there was no rush and daylight lasts at this time of year.
So at about 10.30 we went up the A77 and turned right along Portree Terrace, past the caravan sites and the pub, and on towards Cairngarroch.

At the top of one of the (several) climbs we stopped for a quick coffee. There were wild flowers all the way along the roadsides.

 After about 9 miles we came to a crossroads.
We didn't visit Ardwell Bay to the west, but headed to Ardwell, on the East side of the peninsula. This was a lovely ride down through woodland with bluebells and wild garlic.

and we soon arrived in the village. A caravan site, an angling shop, but nowhere to buy coffee or lunch.
The nearest cafe is in Drummore, "about 4 miles south".

We cycle along this main road - not very busy. About a mile outisde we see a signpost. "Drummore - 5" . Obviously a motorist's four miles, not a cyclist's! We're committed now, so...onward and not too much upward.
In Drummore, there's the "Mariner's Rest" coffee shop. It looks open, but isn't. we ride down to the shore and back up to the Southernmost food store in Scotland! 
With supplies for lunch we head uphill out of the village, and find a spot by the roadside for a picnic. Signs tell us that the Mull of Galloway, with its lighthouse is a mere 5 miles away. Of course we're going to ride there.

 The lighthouse is visible from quite a distance. The road is rolling, with some lovely downhill stretches, and of course some uphill too.
It was nearly four o'clock when we arrived, so we didn't go inside, or visit the RSPB reserve. 

And, even better an excellent cafe which is open until 5pm.

Almost 45 miles, with ascent and descent of just over 2 000 feet. 

It simply remained to make our way back - and I confess to walking up one of the last hills before our triumphal descent into Portpatrick at almost 8 o'clock. We rounded the day off with a meal in the Harbour House Hotel.


Ed šŸ˜Š said...

It looks superb Have I told you we have booked 2 weeks' holidays in Scotland? We'll be there from July 16th to 30th. (Newcastleton and then The Isle of Mull.

aliqot said...

We had a week of perfect weather. So much so that we didn't use the car at all, apart from the journey to Portpatrick, and of course the return home. The Isle of Mull is beautiful - we spent two holidays there when the kids wer still kids! I don't know Newcastleton.