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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Hallaton, Glooston, Cranoe circular

Monday 16 April, with Maureen and Norma. Track and quiet roads. Just over 7 miles, but a little hard on the feet!

We parked near the Fox Inn at Hallaton, and walked out of the village along the Goadby Road, which turns into a farm track and makes its way gradually uphill, past mounds of earth marking the site of the castle, and onward. We decided against taking any of the footpaths, since fields were still sticky after the winter's rain.  After a couple of miles we reached a T junction, where we turned left towards Glooston. 

 The donkeys were in a field just after Glooston Lodge.

 Lots of primulas and primroses on the way.
The road led us to the junction where the road turns left towards Cranoe, four miles into the walk, and just missing most of Glooston village.  A further mile of quiet road walking took us to Cranoe, where we made good use of the bench in the sun, outside the church.
 The house nearby had a lovely display of aubrieta on the garden wall.
 At the bottom of the hill, we turned left again and followed the slightly busier road for a couple of miles into Hallaton. Sandwiches at the Fox rounded the walk off for us.

The Fox Inn in the 1920s

The Fox Inn in 2018, from a slightly different angle.


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

donkeys look a little shaggy for the warmer months

aliqot said...

Yes, very noticeable! But it's not warm tonight.