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Monday, October 19, 2015

Pitsford Water clockwise from Causeway.

Mon, 2015 Oct 19 9:55 AM BST.
With Maureen. Drizzle stopped as we started walking. Pleasant, dry. Cloudy .6.8 miles.

Lots of waterfowl on the reservoir. Lapwings lining up below the causeway.

The colours look subdued under the grey sky.

Brightness and blue sky as I reached home!


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Lapwings have had a good time of it recentky, seen plenty of them the last couple of year after lean times

aliqot said...

Yes, it's lovely to see them in good numbers again.

Ida Jones said...

Typical of the weather - but at least it stayed dry and waterbirds can be so entertaining.

aliqot said...

It was an enjoyable walk anyway!