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Monday, October 5, 2015

A brief walk near the Welland from Stamford

Sunday 4th October - on a sunny afternoon.

This began as a simple stroll from the Meadows, but in beautiful weather we kept on going.
From the footbridge - Broadeng Bridge

Autumn colours and reflections

Burrs and berries

Himalayan balsam


The Stamford Spa, restored in 1994 . . . and almost forgotten since then?

The stone head - I had no idea this spa existed

Tree in the town

Albert Bridge

Evening approaching


Ida Jones said...

A wonderful collection of autumn colours, blue skies and reflections - and the surprise of the spa! Most enjoyable. Thanks.

aliqot said...

Thank you, Ida. After a grey morning, this was an unexpected treat.

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Great walk! Lots of himalayan balsam ever spreading round here. Now in town as well as out in the sticks.

aliqot said...

I know it's an alien invader but it does seem to attract a lot of bees, and it looks good. It was a very good spur of the moment walk.