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Friday, November 27, 2020

Cycling near Boston - Oct 24 - 15 windy miles.

 We escaped for a self-catering weekend - rearranged from earlier in the year when we had hoped to see a show at Blackfriars Theatre. 

Instead we took the bikes and explored a part of the Fens north of where the Welland merges into the Wash. 

I had walked on the southern side five years ago  . 

We cycled from Kirton to Frampton church and along small roads, some of which were part of National Cycle Network Route 1. 

The elevation profile might lead you to think this was an easy ride, but you should never discount the wind in the Fens. All the way to Fosdyke Bridge it was hard work and we were more than ready to stop for a break.

The cafe I visited in 2015 was closed, but as always we had our trusty flask.  Not the most scenic place to stop,  but at least we were sheltered from the gale.

"Be bright, be seen!"

The Welland, looking inland

and out towards the sea

The ride from this point on was much easier wind assisted all the way. 

The view from the apartment


Roy Norris said...

There is always wind on the fens Alison, even if there is no wind (if that makes sense.)
Love the High Viz socks.:))

aliqot said...

It was even windier than usual on that day, but at least we had no rain until we got back to base. As for the socks - I continue to work on my eccentric image!!

Lovely to hear from you - are you still in Dorest area?