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Thursday, November 28, 2019

East Carlton, Wilbarston and Desborough (Pipewell) airfield

Thursday 28 November, with Eddie and Maureen. Just over 8 miles. The weather forecast was for rain later in the day, but it didn't look promising. 

We decided on a change of plan, and took advantage of what dry weather there was by doing a much more local walk.

We left East Carlton Park and turned right downhill past the church. When we reached the Jurassic Way path we turned left between the houses and out past a horse paddock. 
The going proved to be very soft! 
Shoelace adjustment

We followed the path as far as Wilbarston Village Hall, then turned left and walked along the road to the A427, which we crossed. We walked along the minor road  towards Pipewell, turning right off this and on to the airfield access path at a corner. 
Look, there is light!

When we reached the airfield itself we turned left and followed the perimeter track for almost three miles, and having a somewhat damp break at the old weigh bridge.
Study in perspective 1

soon after this we turned left on to another muddy path which became a small road, leading to Wilbarston via a bridge below the A427.
Study in perspective 2

We continued to the Fox Inn, and turned right towards the village hall, then retraced our route back to East Carlton Park.

We were lucky - there was some drizzle, but not enough to soak us! 

Lunch at East Carlton cafe.


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

I'm feeling very mud avoidant at the moment!

aliqot said...

So are we, but sometimes it's unavoidable!

Ida Jones said...

If this keeps up you'll be changing your names to The Mudlarks!

aliqot said...

Just the name I thought of in case we ever enter the village quiz night!!