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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Gretton, Rockingham, Caldecott, and Gretton

ŃWith Eddie, on a misty drizzly morning, with limited views. But we didn't get wet, and the couple of ploughed fields weren't too sticky. All the same it was the first time in a while that I had to clean my boots!

We walked along the road to the recreation ground and followed the path to the end of Huntsfield Drive, then continued through the ginnel, jitty, alley way and picked up the path alongside the hedge. When we reached the track at the end we turned right. This took us to Corby Road. We turned right to walk a short distance along the road verge, before taking the track on the left hand side. 
When we reached a gate and some woodland we turned right, with a hedge on our left and followed the path. The scenery here is almost like a mini-Derbyshire, with the view of the Welland valley opening out ahead of us.
We walked on a mini escarpment and then downhill to cross the railway line. The path continues in this direction. Look out for a gate over on the right as you come through a hedge. At this crossing of paths, we turned left   in the direction of Rockingham, along the route of the Jurassic Way. There are one or two places where the path is not clear. 
The markers are there, but it is easy to find yourself on the wrong side of the hedge. 
eventually the path emerges at Rockingham.
A flock of goats near Rockingham
We turn right at the road (Rockingham hill) and make our way down to the tea-shop, just after the pub, for a welcome coffee and snack, at about 4 miles into the walk.

We decide to go for the longer walk via Caldecott, rather than simply return to Gretton. The weather is still a bit damp. 
We continue along the Jurassic Way, which goes over a field and crosses the Rockingham_ Cottingham Road, heading on northwest towards the Welland. The Jurassic Way path continues as far as the road from Great Easton to Caldecott. At the road, it turns left, but we went right away from the village nad towards Caldecott. There's a bit of road walking here, where we had to keep hopping up on to the grass verge.
At the A6003 we turn left and walk into Caldecott, turning right when the road bends round to the left. A couple of hundred yards past the houses our footpath is signed, and we head northeast, eventually arriving at the river, after a few fields. 
the path brings us out on Mill Road, where we turned right and followed the road back to Gretton.


Ida Jones said...

You were lucky to be able to get out today - here it just poured with rain all day!

aliqot said...

Here, as forecast, it waslight showers, until just after we got back. We were very lucky.