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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Tansor, Ashton and Cotterstock

Friday 19 October 2018. With Marta. Just over 6 miles, and once again,glorious weather after a chilly start.  Mostly the same route as yesterday's walk with an additional extra mile or so to include Cotterstock church.

Will the clouds win?

Maybe the sun will win..
We parked at Tansor, and walked along the road through the village opposite the church. This took us past the village hall, and Linden Hall. we walked through the large gate at the end, heading towards the A605 Oundle to Peterborough road. It is possible to cross this road with care as there is an island central reservation. 
Time to try a spider's web photo

Once again  we took the minor road directly opposite and walked along it for about half a mile, until we came to a small crossroads, where a bridleway turned right, heading southwest towards Ashton.

After about half a mile we passed another bridleway turning right (ignore this path). Next we passed a rifle range, and the grassy surface changed to a road. Before long we arrived at Ashton. 
Selfie time
Brilliant sunshine once more and tables on the village green - smell the coffee! 
The Chequered Skipper - pub sign made of nails.

 We left the village along the  small road with a "No through road" sign. We went into the grounds of the Chapel of St Mary Magdalene, dedicated to Charles Rothschild, who rebuilt the village in 1900. He also built Ashton Wold Hall, which is tucked away along a long drive. He committed suicide in 1923.

We followed the road where the wall has been built to accomodate some of the large old trees, and then took the Nene Way path which leads down to the road near the derelict Ashton Mill, with its pond.

Soon we reached the footbridge over the Nene.
There were a few people fishing along the bank. We turned right and followed the river round and under the A605 coming out at Oundle North Bridge.

Sunlit sheep quick march

We crossed the road at the bridge and took the Nene Way path past the boathouses, walking with the river on our left. Plenty of large bird life today - herons, swans with teenage offspring, cormorants perching on a tree.
One boat, today.

At Cotterstock Lock, we crossed the river and walked with it on our right, through fields to the converted corn mill.

From there we turned left, and walked up to the turning for the church. We paused on a bench in the sun before walking back to the corn mill and following the road to the junction for Tansor. We turned left, and walked along the road until we came to the footpath sign, which took us over a ploughed field, over a stile, then a pasture with a few cows and some sheep. Another stile, another ploughed field. Another stile and a narrow passageway between two gardens and we were back at our starting point.


Ida Jones said...

Lovely the sun shone for you after a chilly start on this and the previous walk exploring the area. Maybe you could become an official footpaths inspector! Very nice autumnal photos.

aliqot said...

I quite like doing two or three walks in the same area with different people. The weather has been so good over the last few days, ideal for exploring near the river. As for official footpaths inspector . . .would they pay me? Hmmmm. I do try to report problems, but it doesn't always happen.

Simon Douglas Thompson said...

That pub sign was amazing!

Roy Norris said...

Selfie Time?
Beautiful subjects, but you almost missed. :))

aliqot said...

The pub sign is a good one, Simon! Unfortunately it wasn't open when we walked through the village.

aliqot said...

Ha ha, Roy! You silver-tongued devil, you!